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Immune Boost | Pure Binaural

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Sometimes stress can get to us. This binaural beat will boost your immune system and provide you with the energy needed to stay healthy and fit no matter what

Binaural beats and isochoric tones: are forms of sound wave therapy. A binaural beat is a consistent, rhythmic sound frequency that a brain interprets from two different tones sent to our ears with headphones. The brain mimics this new frequency, making it possible for us to put ourselves into any psychological state we wish. Isochroric tones work the same way. The difference is that whereas binaural beats are produced inside your brain, isochronic tones are already fully formed sounds before they reach your ear. The phenomenon dates back thousands of years and appears in ancient cultures. Throughout time we can find many examples of music and rhythm being used as medicine.
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Data sheet

Headphones Required?
Instructions For Binaural and Isochronic Tones
Use for at least 15 minutes a day for a fortnight. Please also see the important information in the product description

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DO NOT listen to this audio whilst driving or operating machinery or doing anything that requires your full attention. Only listen when it is safe to relax or sleep.


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