Past life Case Study | Susan

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Past life Case Study | Susan

From my very own past life session archive.  The story of how past life regression helped Susan get past an obstacle in her life.


Susan was a young lady aged 29, shortly turning thirty, who had come to me with the following issue. For the past two to three years she had been experiencing what she described as a strange issue in her relationships others she had developed what she described as ‘pure hatred’ or resentment of members of the opposite sex. This resentment and had manifested itself in her romantic relationships, her interactions with family and at work, primarily with her boss to the point where their previous good relationship had disintegrated, and she no longer felt comfortable working with him. She didn’t have an explanation as to why she felt this way now. Nothing significant had happened. Her resentment and resulting behaviour had also cost her a long-term relationship and made it impossible for her to form new ones. Her relationship with her own father and brother were now strained. She was at a loss at why this was happening or what she could do about it.

Having explored the issue through different sessions exploring different talking therapies and hypnoanalysis there was no evidence of a trigger in her recent or earlier past that accounted for the change in attitude towards the men in her life. Her relationships prior to this episode were good, she was not an angry person by nature but felt that being in the presence of men, just brought out a Jekyll and Hyde kind of character out of her and she had no explanation for it, but she recognised the problem and wanted a means to identify why it happened and perhaps fix it before it became even more of an issue.

One day she came to a session very upset as she had an incident with her boss. She was in the works kitchen, which was quite a small space and she had not heard her boss enter the room, when she turned around she found herself cornered and started screaming at her boss not to come anywhere near her, which immediately aroused other members of staff who came running to her aid. She was well aware that nothing untoward was happening, but at the same time couldn’t help her reaction, and was very embarrassed and confused by it. She felt something was happening to her that she had no control over and she was very distressed. At the session that day we talked through those events and went through some relaxation techniques. I suggested that in the next session perhaps we could try Past Life Regression. Susan was not sure, but I reassured her that she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to, but to go and have a think about it as it has worked for other clients where a source of a problem cannot be discovered.

The Past Life Regression

At the next session, Susan had done some research and decided that she would like to give Past Life Regression a try. What follows is the short version of the story as told by Susan whilst under hypnosis. I have tried to recount it here in the same tone and vibe as Susan told it to me.

It was 1835 and it was her 30th birthday. She had been looking forward to the day, but her husband, who was very much older than her and who was not one for sentiment. had booked himself a business meeting in a town that was quite far from home and wanted her to accompany him on the journey. He suggested that she spend the afternoon sight-seeing and taking in leisurely pursuits, like walking in the park, whilst he had his meeting and they would meet back up in the evening for dinner at the hotel he had booked

So that’s what happened. She spent some time looking in shops, which soon got boring, took some tea in the tea rooms, fed the birds in the park and then ended up walking so far that when she noticed it was starting to get dark she was far away from town. She panicked a little because she was in a place she’d never been before, so hurriedly headed back the way she came.

When she finally got back to the town she didn’t recognise anything and had completely lost her bearings, she found herself going down random alleys and coming out the other end finding nothing that could help her pinpoint where she was or where she should be. She was quite afraid now, there was no one about and nothing was open to enquire for directions. So, she kept walking, hoping she would meet a friendly face, but found no one.

She finally saw lights on a building and headed over to find a public house with some men stood outside. She was relieved to find someone who could help her, so she approached and asked them what town she was in. They just stared at her blankly. She then asked if they knew what the time was, again no answer. She went to walk past them into the inn but one of the men moved to stop her gaining entry. She politely asked if he would let her by, and he spit on the floor right in front of her. She looked round to see the other men just staring unmoved kind of smiling in a mocking way. She was now very scared and briskly walked away. She went as fast as she could, getting tripped by her skirts and being quite out of breath just trying to get far enough away.

She saw a bridge coming up and she recognised this from the ride in with her husband, she knew where she was now but just as she got there the men from outside of the inn emerged from the left of her and asked her where she thought she was going.

What was described next was very graphic, this gang of men proceeded to do some terrible things to this lady, leaving her very badly beaten and when finished they threw her off the bridge into the river. She was so badly hurt that she did not have any physical means to help herself and she also had a feeling that her skirts were possibly caught or weighted down. With her last conscious thoughts, she recalled being so angry with her husband for making her come on the trip and leaving her alone for this to happen and, of course, with the men who she was getting glimpses of from the bank who just stood there laughing. She described her level of anger in those moments as ‘that which would rival the total sum of hell’.


After the regression Susan was very emotional and very surprised as to where all this came from. It was an interesting regression because whilst under hypnosis her whole demeanour and voice changed dramatically. Susan reported an immediate change in her attitude she reported that the problems she had with men in her life in the previous two years had now gone. The instant resentment or hatred that she experienced was no longer there. Susan reconciled with her long-term partner and they are very happy. Her relationships with her father, brother and boss are also good. She now still comes for occasional appointments, but just for relaxation and chill out sessions so she can wind down from work.

The Analysis

So, did Susan actually recall a past life that came to a nasty abrupt end on her 30th birthday? The facts of the matter were that she was indeed experiencing some sort of emotional issue over a period of two to three years leading up to her 30th birthday that was having a detrimental effect on her life and that issue disappeared after a session of past life regression. One criticism that past life therapy often received is the ‘oh, they’re just making it up’. Perhaps that is true, but why? And how does making up a story help you to fix an ongoing problem? The subconscious is still a very mysterious thing and it is, of course, possible that repetitive negative thoughts and emotions may have gathered into some habit-forming behaviour and past life regression may be a way for the subconscious to reconcile and release that behaviour. The truth of the matter is that we don’t know yet why it works, but sometimes it just does and as a therapist, I find looking for those answers to be an interesting part of the journey as the stories themselves.

Many thanks to ‘Susan’ for allowing me to post her regression story.

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