Spirit (General)

Transpersonal Therapy is a deeper form of modern therapy because it focuses on a holistic approach to addressing mental, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs on every level. For a faster and more thorough healing process, honesty and open-mindedness is emphasized from both the client as well as the therapist. It’s all about taking care of you on every level so that you can be more self-aware and grow as a person.

My use of the word 'spirit' differs in the context of how it's being used.  The use of the word throughout my website tends to reflect a feeling of peace and balance when mind and body are working in harmony and a person is feeling a holistic feeling of wellbeing.  I also use the word spirit to categorise items such as dream interpretation, and past lives and other phenomena that fall into the category of not having scientific evidence to prove it's existence, yet still persists in personal experiences for a lot of people.  My interest in these subjects is purely out of investigative interest and a desire to understand the truth of unexplained phenomena.

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