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A unique approach to well-being, health and fitness

INDIGO Therapy provides a range of services such as counselling, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and fitness training to help people get over any issues they may be experiencing.

Based in Lincoln, United Kingdom, INDIGO offers one to one appointments or downloads available via the store



Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Entrainment


Fitness, Weight Loss and Nutrition


Dream Interpretation and Past Life Regression

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Binaural Beats

What are Binaural Beats?

A form of sound wave therapy which has a consistent, rhythmic sound.  Two different tones are sent to our ears via headphones and brain tries to adapt to this new frequency, making it possible for us to put ourselves into any psychological state we wish

Isochronic Tones

What are isochronic tones?

Isochronic tones work the same way as the binaural beats. The difference is that whereas binaural beats are produced inside your brain, isochronic tones are already fully formed sounds before they reach your ear and headphones are not requires

binaural beats for anxiety

Guided Hypnosis

How does it work?

A spoken recording that guides you to specifically act upon the desired outcome you wish to achieve in your life.

You are first helped to relax your whole body before being guided via your own imagination in order to help the process of change.

Meditation Music

For meditation, relaxation and yoga

Original compositions with and without subliminal and ASMR layers to help facilitate well-being, relaxation or to just immerse yourself in a different place for a little while.

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